Receiving a Crown

A crown has been nicknamed a "cap" or "jacket." Probably because it is a metal or ceramic tooth-like structure that sits atop an old tooth and covers it like a cap or jacket.

A crown is used to restore teeth with large fillings, cracks, a tooth that has received root canal therapy, or one that is brittle and likely to fracture. A crown helps to strengthen and protect the remaining tooth.

How a Crown is Placed

  • The tooth receiving the crown is reduced to a smaller size that will fit below the crown.
  • A cord is used to push down the gums around the tooth to take an impression of the tooth for creation of the crown.
  • This impression is sent to a lab where they create the crown out of white ceramic material.
  • While the crown is being created, you will be sent home with a temporary crown made of plastic.
  • Once your new crown is ready, you will return to the dentist to have it permanently cemented to your tooth.
  • Sometimes a crown will need extra polishing or tweaks to ensure it fits perfectly within your bite.

Full Porcelain Crowns

A full porcelain crown is typically used for the front teeth because they have a very natural look to them that helps them blend in with the other teeth surrounding them. This type of crown is often used in "cosmetic" dentistry.

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