What is a Fixed Bridge?

Bridges can be used to replace a single tooth inside the mouth. A bridge is a false tooth (pontic) and anchors (abutment crowns) that support the pontic and hold it in place. The bridge spans the entire space of the missing tooth.

How Does a Bridge Work?

  • The neighboring teeth are prepped to receive abutment crowns, an impression is taken and these abutment crowns are created in a lab.
  • The structural part of the bridge is formed with a metal alloy.
  • Then tooth-like porcelain is added to the structure.
  • Now it can be fitted to the mouth.
  • Once it fits well, the anchors (abutment crowns) are cemented to the teeth to hold the bridge in place.

What is a Bonded Bridge?

After evaluation from a dentist at Couch and Hammond, we may suggest a single tooth is replaced with a bonded bridge.

A bonded bridge is a porcelain tooth with metal "wings" that help hold it in place. Bonded bridges are typically a good replacement for front teeth. It provides a natural looking replacement without damaging the surrounding teeth.

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